Sunday, April 14, 2013

Musings of a Hesitant Online Soul - Connections

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I love everything that’s old – old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine. – Oliver Goldsmith

In this highly commercial world where there’s insatiable quest for something new, it is easy to get lost by all the materialism and fleeting encounters. It’s so ironic how we have so much more in our times than ever before the generation before us had, in terms of possessions and relationships but feels downright more empty handed, unfulfilled and wanting.

This is why I strive to stay connected to my past, to keep my relationships with the people who were part of my journey alive. These people and the experiences we had together make me appreciate where I have been, how I came to be now, of how much has come my way. It is always bliss to get reconnected to old friends, old classmates, old family relations who oftentimes are the ones I easily severe ties with. For me, there’s no other thing as nurturing for my being than a trip back to a childhood home.

I have come to realize that every moment, every relationship, every experience in my life makes me whole. When I ran off from any of those that I once had, whether it’s a friendship or an intimate relationship, or a memory - it’s a chip off my fulfillment. It’s not about holding on to the past but of accepting what was and making it an integral part of what I am and will still be in this life. Keeping my connection to the people that touched me in certain ways is truly living in the present.   

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  1. So true. I just reconnected with a childhood friend and its an amazing feeling.

  2. Keeping my connection to the people that touched me in certain ways is truly living in the present - I love that. It's thought provoking and ever so true. Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog.