Monday, April 15, 2013

Musings of a Hesitant Online Soul - Influence

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Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another. – George Elliot

I have many men and women in my life that influenced me but there was one that left a profound, indelible mark in me, whose life, struggles and values I draw inspiration from. She was my first teacher on the intricacies of growing up, of finding love, of independence, of facing life’s battles.

She has lived her life so ahead of her times and I was and I still am at awe at her strong will and independence as a woman who survived manmade and natural disasters to head her family of old parents and brothers. She lived to raise her children on her own because she chose not to marry a man who can’t live monogamously. She was enterprising on her own ways and settled to live by her own means, albeit simply.

She’s definitely an epitome of a determined woman and I am grateful to have been brood under her wings for the most significant years of my adulthood. She taught me lessons in life which I strive to live by – to find beauty in simplicity, to not be ashamed of dirty and callous hands because it means one is capable of tending for her own self, to not be afraid of love and yet to not rush in the matters of the heart because there is so much in the world to explore. 

She lived to an amazing hundred years old and in her passing, I didn't have the emotional strength to pay her tribute. But, I vowed to tell her tale to my children and their children; that there was once a woman whom I watched my first movie with. 

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  1. Luchie, I'm visiting from the UBC. What a lovely tribute! How wonderful you had her as an influence in your life. Blessings!