Saturday, April 13, 2013

Musings of a Hesitant Online Soul - Life As I Know It

A series...

As I begin my journey into a new phase in my personal and professional life, I’m recalling and reliving the snippets of learning that life threw my way so far.

My pursuit for happiness is never equated with self centeredness. Allowing myself to be happy ultimately allows me to bring out and cause happiness to the important people in my life. 

Everything in this world will come to pass. I have learned to easily accept pain, loss and failure as I know the feeling will soon pass and the only mark to remember by are the valuable lessons and experiences gained. I appreciate and enjoy what I have while I have them, and is grateful for all there is, so that when these things pass, I can honestly say I was done and over with them.

Though I strive to be the best of what I can be, I know we all have a place in this world to take and the role I will take doesn’t make me any greater or lesser than the next person.  But in life’s stature, I contend myself that there will always be someone greater and lesser than myself and keeping this in mind makes me grounded and humbled.

I believe there is always something for everyone. I always cultivate an attitude of abundance, where sharing what I have and what I know will never mean that I will have less in my bucket.
Finish the game. This is a special anecdote which I hold close to my heart. It inspires me no end to never stop striving, to always finish whatever endeavor I am at. Winning or losing is secondary; the driving force is taking on the challenge to the finish. 

So my journey to life's next learning begins. 

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  1. Great post! I struggle with the attitude of abundance--it's an every day journey for me.

  2. I love this post. It is so true that it is about finishing the game (although I would like to win the game as well) :)

  3. I think many of us share your viewpoint, and in sharing, are drawn together and strengthen each other in ways we are not even aware of. Hold those thoughts of abundance and gratitude. They won't let you down!

  4. Great points. We all need to think about these ideas more often. Of the things I regret in this life, many are due to not finishing a game. I'll always wonder how they would have turned out.

  5. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. I am grateful that we have this medium to reconnect us to values we always want to nurture and live by.