Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Too Busy?
Virtual assistants are usually tagged as modern day secretaries who work remotely and use modern technological tools to carry out services to clients. Though more than your regular office secretary, VA’s as they are known in the virtual business place – have transcended the stereotype as they become more appropriately labeled as entrepreneurs and business partners by business owners who see the value of hiring them a strategic move for their businesses.

How strategic could VA’s be?

VA’s come from a variety of occupational backgrounds, and most have several years of work experience earned in the real business world as administrative or executive assistant, secretary, legal and paralegal assistant, office or customer service professionals, to name a few. Therefore, hiring one on board the business is putting a new member with a wealth of experience in its back.

As most virtual assistants are involved with a number of administrative duties such as appointment setting, travel planning, e-mail handling, researching and business correspondence, it is worthy to note that in recent times, more diverse skills has been added to the list of outsource services. With more professionals coming on board, specialized services such as sales and marketing, graphic and web design and management, IT support, creative and technical services, translations and academic instructions have become more accessible to many types of business. This accessibility to specialized skills with relatively low-cost impact to businesses should be one of the best business practices to date.
Hire a VA

Virtual assistants are the specialist professionals who, albeit clandestinely, could propel the daily grind of the business – and this management strategy allows business owners to attend to the more important aspect of growing their business.  As most can profess, running a business can quickly eat up a lot of time--- more so if the business is growing.  Once family or personal time is factored in, sooner or later something has to give.   Having a VA around to delegate work to is like having an extra hand (and mind!) who proactively supports in the achievement of goals and targets.  Having a VA opens up time and creates extra energy that can be used to attend to other personal or business agendas. 

So who hires virtual assistants?  Practically everyone who seeks a good work-life balance --- big or small businesses, entrepreneurs, life coaches, business coaches, speakers, writers, consultants or simply those busy people who can benefit from this arrangement.

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  1. This is very informative, I've heard of VAs before but never really thought too much about how useful they can be,

    1. Hey Tracy. Thank you. VA's are here to stay I should say. :-)

  2. This is very good definition of a VA. In some instances I could be considered one.

  3. I agree with Stephanie. You did a nice job of explaining the value of working with a VA.

    1. Hi Debra. Thank you. Should you need a good one - just holler. :-) Looking forward to hearing you on the show you posted.

  4. Man, I clearly need a VA - this has confirmed it. Thanks for the post.