Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Being and Becoming in the Internet Age

 “Like the printing press, the telephone, electricity or the automobile, the Internet is a revolutionary technology that is transforming our world”. – Bill Gates, 2000

Being the visionary that he is, Bill Gates had indeed captured and aptly described how the internet would have come to revolutionize how we live our lives and conduct our businesses.  This technology has continuously broken down trade and knowledge barriers by providing individuals and businesses seamless access to vast resources and opportunities.  As Gates said from over a decade ago, we are on that phase where large companies have their most efficient systems in place for their employees, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world, while smaller businesses have the chance to find and build customers all over the world. The internet has indeed shrunk the world and unlocked boundless opportunities.

Taking a hint into this opportunity, it is the best of times for us and our businesses to be “online” - that is to be seen and felt in the internet. The norm of the times is that businesses and individuals that are easy to find online have the greater edge.  And we are not wanting of the means that we can tap to get ourselves and our businesses on board. Several social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few, have been seen to have contributed enormously to the business strategies of top companies and industry leaders. According to experts, being in these media is no longer just a choice for most businesses, but is seen as a competitive advantage, a true value that can be capitalized in and is expected, ultimately to bring a difference for you or your company.  

Contrary to the unfounded fear that online interactions have made business transactions less personal, the internet-based platforms have, in fact, allowed individuals and businesses to engage with their customers on a more personal level by reaching out and providing customized solutions that customers immediately connect to. Real, dynamic working relationships are constantly being developed and nurtured in these business platforms. Putting ourselves and our businesses out of obscurity could be the best strategy we can employ to be where we want to be – on TOP.

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  1. It seems that you have to get personal with your customers these days - not a bad thing, really.

    1. Oh yes. When you look at it; there's hardly a barrier now to customer engagement. Thanks Katie.