Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Starting Your Online Presence

Ain’t it true – everything that you ever wanted to know can indeed be found between Google and YouTube. You can learn almost anything you want by diving into the internet; all for free!

I came across this YouTube video from Marie Forleo’s site and found it quite engaging. Marie Forleo is a best-selling American author, speaker, web TV host, and trainer in personal development, entrepreneurship and marketing – and a fabulous woman at that. I just love the touch of humor that she has injected to this video.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the video (length = 05:04). Ever came across a free resource in your foray between Google and YouTube? Do share it with us in the comments below. 

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  1. Luchie, I'm visiting from the UBC. I think you're great. You're kind and sweet. In the video, Marie Forleo makes several good points. That said, what a shame she begins wearing over-revealing clothes and opens with comments about her breasts. Not funny or professional. Then, she says something about "blowing your pants off--that's right, no pants for you!" How unnecessary. No wonder I have never heard of her before. Have a look at the work of Sabrina Gibson, my social media guru--she has both information and class.

    1. Thank you for being candid Kebba, and for visiting. Will be checking out Sabrina Gibson. Cheers!