Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musings of a Hesitant Online Soul - Transitions and Integrity

First of a series...

Telecommuting was not new to me having worked for over a decade on a remote work set-up for a corporation. Transitioning to freelance work after leaving the corporate world was especially different as it now involved multiple clients with varied needs of expertise and services. The only striking similarity between the two is that both operate in a fast paced working environment.

It caught me by surprise though as I learned after several applications later that contrary to what I initially thought, it was not that easy to get your first break in online work. It felt like starting on a clean slate no matter how meaty your credential is. Finding the best fit for your skills from a pool of job postings was the first hurdle I had to face. Getting clients to notice your profile amidst a sea of contractors was just as challenging. In the virtual world, the earliest challenge is to rise above obscurity and receive the gift of a first successful client interaction. Afterwards, you work your way to be identified as credible virtual professional.

One of my earliest realizations too in the virtual world is that it operates on sheer integrity. I find it to be highly remarkable and believe it is one of the highest forms of integrity at work; when you never see each other personally yet trade services, entrust confidential information and process payments much like in the real world. In retrospect, being honest with myself, expanding my capabilities and performing with a sincere desire to be of service to my clients, are what I truly believe are keys to building my continued presence online. This is my reality now.

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