Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finding The Right Outsource Provider

Your outsourcing success depends on how well you manage the process before and after signing in a contractor. While technology has made it much easier to find dependable outsource providers, the selection process has remained to be the most important step. Whether the contractor will be on board for a month or a year, take the time to make sure the person can do the work and the partner relationship would be satisfying. Here are some insights in finding the best fit:

• You may start the search in your own network. Ask you business associates if they can recommend a provider offering the services that you need. A good recommendation from your network usually is the quickest way of securing potential candidates. Though referrals are helpful, nonetheless, you have to consider that what worked for others, might not necessarily work for you. 

• List the Jobs in the Right Places. A number of online services such as oDesk, Freelance and eLance serve as virtual marketplaces for contractors and business owners to connect and embark on working relationships. These sites provide full statistics, test and competency scores which allows clients to sort and filter for certain skill sets of the contractors that list with them.

• Interview prospective contractors by asking questions to determine if they know your business. Consider the contractor’s or service company's knowledge of the entirety of your business, its willingness to customize service, and its compatibility with your firm's business culture.

• Test Capabilities. You have got to know what they can do and not do for you. Ask for work samples to help you understand if your prospect matches your expectations. This would give you an indication on their expertise and the quality of their output.

• Check References. Pay most attention to feedbacks received from other employers. Outsourcing sites usually allow you to see how previous clients rated prospective vendors' work, as well as detailed profiles of the contractors. This doesn’t mean though that new service providers are off the pool. Remember, all seasoned providers were once starters who successfully delivered.

• Check for post development support. It will help foster long term partner relationships if the contractor can commit to resolve any issues that you might have after the task has been completed.

The decision to engage in outsourcing effectively extends your availability, therefore your choice of outsource partner should work as an extension of you. At the end of the selection process, you will have to settle for the person whom you believe will feel the same sense of pride and ownership in the work as you do.

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